Apple’s Mac Studio Package Provides a State-of-the-Art Creative Experience

It’s no question that Apple’s computers have grown ubiquitous over the years. From the colorful, fruit-inspired iMac of the late ’90s to the latest models that garner inspiration from the very same ’90s examples, Apple has often managed to set the standard when it comes to desktop computing, and the Silicon Valley giant is aiming to do so once again with the brand-new Mac Studio and Studio Display.

Starting with the mightily powerful computer, the Mac Studio is powered by your choice of either M1 Max or the superfast new M1 Ultra chip. The latter is slated to perform 12 times faster than the most current iMac, while the M1 Max “only” brings things to speed 7 times as fast. With the Mac Studio measuring a mere 7.7″ wide by 3.7″ high, there is virtually no excuse for this beautifully-machined hunk of aluminum to harness such unsaturated power, but this is merely what we’ve come to expect from Apple. Speaking of which, thanks to the gadgeteers’ use of silicon, the Studio remains incredibly quiet, as it’s rounded out with double-sided blowers and over 4,000 perforations for airflow.

As far as the 27″ Studio Display is concerned, it boasts a gloriously crisp 5K Retina screen and an uber-sleek aluminum frame. Apple’s new top-grade piece of equipment is packed with well over 14.5 million pixels, highlighted by an advanced camera and audio system that offers a studio-quality triple mic array and a 12MP Ultra Wide camera, which is guaranteed to keep you in the frame on any long video calls. Plus, seeing as this is a new Apple product, the monitor’s speakers also support Dolby Atmos, capable of transforming this desktop computer into a full-on entertainment system.

And while this particular package from Apple may be geared toward the likes of artists, renderers, and other creatives, that’s no reason to refrain from making the upgrade even if you don’t fall within any such group. The gorgeous Mac Studio Display will be sold for $1,599 while the Mac Studio computer is priced from $1,999 for the M1 Max option and from $3,999 for the M1 Ultra-powered version. All are available to pre-order now ahead of their official release on March 18.

Purchase: $1,599+

Photo: Apple