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Anker’s EverFrost Is More of a Fridge Than a Cooler

Anker EverFrost Cooler 0 Hero
Photo: Anker

We’re all familiar with the endless debate between YETI and RTIC regarding which brand has the best cooler, but an upcoming option from Anker looks to take the title — that’s right, the same Anker that makes your charging station. The tech accessory brand’s EverFrost cooler is an electric-powered alternative to the gear space’s most coveted examples.

Anker EverFrost Cooler 1
Photo: Anker

As you may have guessed, knowing the brand, this innovative, summer-ready gadget requires no giant bags of ice like most options on the market. That’s right, Anker put its battery-powered prowess to the test here, implementing a removable 299Wh battery that lasts up to 42 hours and what it calls a “high-efficiency cooling compressor” to keep even more drinks and meals cold. Additionally, it’s bolstered with a 50mm insulating layer to ensure it operates in no time, as the tech company claims it only takes half an hour for drinks to drop from 25° from 77°F to 32°F. Best of all, the EverFrost is surprisingly quiet, managing to work under 42dB, practically deeming it a portable refrigerator rather than a cooler.

Anker EverFrost Cooler 2
Photo: Anker

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Anker device if it didn’t let you charge other gadgets, which is why the heavy-duty battery is equipped with a pair of 12 USB-A ports and a 60W USB-C port to ensure everything from your phone to the drone is ready to take on the outdoors; the brand specifically suggests it’s capable of fully powering an iPhone 14 and a DJI Magic Air 2 up to 19 and 6 times, respectively.

Anker EverFrost Cooler 3
Photo: Anker

To no one’s surprise, the high-end piece of gear is off to a hot start on KickStarter, shattering its $10,000 goal by over $800,000. Best of all, the gadgeteer is offering a promotional price for early backers, with the 33L capacity Anker EverFrost Cooler starting from $519 — that’s 35% off its standard price of $799.