ABUS Brings Motorcycle-Style Crash-Detection Tech to Cycling Helmets

Believe it or not, a lot of bike riding happens when no one is around. Some of the more adventurous types love taking to the backcountry by themselves, and it makes sense. The solitude can be peaceful without the sound of cars or people. However, going out alone can also have its risks, especially if you crash and become incapacitated.

ABUS, a German-based purveyor of riding gear and accessories, has retooled its already-acclaimed Bluetooth anti-theft bike and motorcycle lock system for its line of bicycle helmets. Using GPS-equipped technology, the QUIN System offers next-level safety for lone wolves desiring to explore off-the-grid locales. The rider just needs to tap his helmet four times to send out a live emergency signal for someone to come and help if they fall or can’t move. Automatically pairing to your smartphone upon sensing movement, the crash detector allows for more freedom when riding in remote locations or on steep terrain.

While technology like this has existed in motorcycle helmets for years, as pioneered by EatSleepRIDE, this is the first time it’s been implemented in bicycle helmets. ABUS’ QUIN System uses Bluetooth 5.0, which has a range of up to 20m in case your phone goes flying or gets lost upon crashing. Battery life on the detector lasts up to a month and only takes four hours to recharge.

The new technology has already been implemented in several of ABUS’ mountain bike helmets, such as the AIRDROP, CLIFFHANGER, and MODROP. Head over to ABUS’ website to find a dealer.

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