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Aston Martin Teases the 12th-Generation DB Model

2024 Aston Martin DB12 Teaser 0 Hero
Photo: Aston Martin

Set to be fully revealed on May 24, the successor to the Aston Martin DB11 has been teased today with a trio of shadowed photos. We can see the front of the new car, as well as its side profile. And somehow, the company managed to squeeze in a quick shot of the new infotainment system in the front seat. Now, Aston Martin has not flat-out said that this next-gen DB will be called the DB12, but we can venture to guess this will be the case, especially considering it filed a U.S. trademark for the nameplate.

2024 Aston Martin DB12 Teaser 1
Photo: Aston Martin

David Brown’s 1946 purchase of the Aston Martin automotive company was a significant one, to say the least. During the War, the British marque pivoted its focus to aircraft components, seeing a nine-year absence in making cars. That all changed with Brown’s acquisition, which led to his inaugural 2-Litre Sports model debuting in ‘48, despite only 15 units being made over two years. It wasn’t until the 1950 debut of the DB2 that the 2-Litre Sports model was retroactively dubbed the DB1. Since then, whether formally or informally, nearly every Aston Martin model that’s come out has made reference to Brown (who sold the company in 1990). Sometime in the ‘70s, the company somewhat strayed away from the DB moniker, but that all changed following Brown’s death in 1993 and the seventh-generation DB7.

2024 Aston Martin DB12 Teaser 2
Photo: Aston Martin

We can’t tell much by the teaser photos, however, we can see that the new car will feature Aston Martin’s updated wing logo, as expected, as well as the angled control panel in the center of the front cockpit. We can perhaps expect an engine improvement over the DB11, seeing that the DB11 was a significant bump up from the DB9 (the DB10 was a limited-to-10 edition made specifically for the James Bond movie, Spectre).

With no other information given, we’ll have to anticipate the full reveal on May 24. Until then, you can head over to Aston Martin’s website to see the photos.