The Kyza Reimagines Mercedes’ 190 EVO II As a Modern-Day Restomod

Photos: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty

A month ago, world-renowned concept artist Khyzyl Saleem was tapped by Hagerty to produce a ten-part video series called Rendered in which the London-based designer gives viewers an inside look at his digital design and creation process. The latest installment in the series sees the Kyza bestow his signature style upon the thoroughly iconic 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5 16 Evolution II.

Taking inspiration from other high-performance modernized classics like Automobili Amos’ Lancia Delta Integrale Futurista, the aim of the project was to deliver a resto-modded version of the AMG car. Created using Autodesk 3ds Max, the donor has been treated to Saleem’s typically-slammed stance and widebody-style aero kit, which now boasts massively flared fenders, an extended rear wing, a completely reworked front-end with an exposed radiator, and a slew of exposed carbon exterior trim and aero kit elements. One of the most noteworthy and transformative aspects of the build is the fact that Saleem has redesigned the MB donor as a two-door model.

The build has also been outfitted with a modernized, LED-equipped set of square headlights, a central-exiting dual-exhaust flanked by rear diffusers on either side, and a bespoke-designed set of wheels based on the stock rims used on the original 190 EVO II. Alongside getting a pair of race seats, the interior has also been treated to a full roll-cage. The final step in the EVO III’s creation was applying its digital paint job — an ultra-clean race livery done up in the colors of the Petronas-AMG Formula 1 team.

Like many of the restomods that inspired it, the Kyza’s latest work is hugely transformative, though leaves little to no doubt as to the original model that the render is based on. Saleem will continue debuting all-new projects each week on Hagerty’s Rendered series for the next six weeks.

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Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty