Speedkore Taps Abimelec Design to Render a Mid-Engine 1969 Dodge Charger

Photos: Abimelec Design | Speedkore

Based in Sonora, Mexico, Abimelec Arellano has been rendering cars in Photoshop since the age of 11. Now working under the banner of Abimelec Design, Arellano has quickly become one of the world’s most eminent automotive concept artists. So when world-renowned customs shop Speedkore recently needed a concept rendered, calling on Abimelec was a more than obvious choice.

For this project, Abimelec was tasked with delivering his own interpretation of a Le Mans-style Dodge Charger, while also retaining Speedkore’s signature design language. Based on a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, the render is a continuation of Speedkore’s “Hellacious” build from last summer — a 707-hp, road-legal version of Dom Toretto’s mid-engined Charger from F9. As such, Abimelec’s design features a mid-mounted Hellcat V8 crate engine that now ejects spent fumes from a high-mounted, central-exiting exhaust system that was inspired by the unit on the Ford GT40 MK2.

Abimelec has also modified and modernized the Dodge’s bodywork, bestowing the vehicle with a carbon widebody kit that includes flared wheel arches, a shortened front overhang, and a rear window that’s been elongated to better display the Hellcat engine. Riding on custom bronze wheels, the slammed Superbird has also had its front axle moved forward, giving the car a more aggressive stance. The project’s final touch came in the form of a blacked-out livery juxtaposed via bronze badges and accented via swaths of exposed carbon weave.

Thus far, Speedkore’s Abimelec-designed Daytona merely exists as a digital concept, though based on the involvement and complexity of the elite custom shop’s existing builds, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this project brought to fruition in the coming years.

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Photo: Abimelec Design | Speedkore
Photo: Abimelec Design | Speedkore
Photo: Abimelec Design | Speedkore