Titanium Trigger iPhone 5 Case by 4th Design (3)

Titanium Trigger iPhone 5 Case by 4th Design

We love rugged, masculine design, and the Trigger Case from the team at 4th Design is the perfect example why. Not only does this case look fantastic from a design standpoint, but it’s also completely functional as well. Created to … Continue reading


Canon EOS Rebel SL1 DSLR (4)

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Camera: The World’s Lightest and Smallest DSLR

Canon is looking to jump on the “smaller is better” trend coming to the realization that many people do not one to tote around a large DSLR, but don’t want to be left with nothing but their iPhone to snap … Continue reading


Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser (4)

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

As avid tea drinkers ourselves, we love to see how creative product designers can get with their tea infusers. The latest tea accessory to cross our desks is the Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser. The Tea Sub is exactly what you … Continue reading


Tactical Beer Mug (3)

Tactical Beer Mug

In search of the perfect beer mug to match your newly purchased tactical shot glasses? Well we’ve got just the find for you in this Tactical Beer Mug. Constructed fromĀ  a solid 13.5 pound block of CNC-machine 6061 T6 billet … Continue reading


2013 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Concepts (6)

2013 Moab Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

With the Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari literally right around the corner, the good folks at Jeep have teamed up with the aftermarket product creators at Mopar for 6 new vehicles set to debut at the massively popular off road … Continue reading


TapIt Cap

TapIt Cap: Handheld Beer Growler Keg

We’re not saying that putting down that growler filled with 64 ounces of booze is impossible, we’re simply saying that it can be a bit difficult. For this reason we think the TapIt Cap is one of the greatest inventions … Continue reading


Pre-Fab Solo Outdoor Shower by Oborain (4)

Pre-Fab Solo Outdoor Shower by Oborain

Showering outdoors is something that many of us dream of, and now you can bring this luxury right to your backyard with the Pre-Fab Oborain Solo Outdoor Shower. While the shower itself is placed wherever you’d like outdoors, the rich … Continue reading


Compact Collapsible Chopsticks (4)

Compact Collapsible Chopsticks

We eat a ton of sushi, and we know just how quickly those discarded chopsticks pile up, and not to mention the potential splinters they bring with them. These Compact Collapsible Chopsticks look to change the game when it comes … Continue reading


Artisan Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo

Artisan Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo

Nothing tastes quite like a pizza pie fresh out of the “old-world” pizza ovens. Kalamazoo looks to bring this much sought after experience right to your backyard with their Artisan Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven. Hand crafted in Michigan, this particular … Continue reading


Shark Submarine by Seabreacher (5)

Shark Submarine by Seabreacher

If you liked our previously featured Killer Whale Submarine, you’re going to absolutely love this Seabreacher Shark Submarine. Don’t let the word submarine fool you. This water vessel has been packed with a 260 horsepower supercharged 4 stroke engine that … Continue reading