Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill 1

Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill

For the master griller, privacy can be tough to achieve. Everywhere you go, whispers of “There he is! That’s the guy with the 87 straight perfect steaks streak!” follow you. Women be coming up to you, begging for a shrimp … Continue reading


Superman GoPro Camera

Superman With A GoPro

Whether he’s fake dying in the comics or being crappily portrayed on screen, Superman’s been in a sizable slump since oh, about 1983—like an A-Rod-minus-the-roids kind of slump. So if you need a reminder that Mr. Kent is still worthy of … Continue reading



Toms Roasting Co. Coffee

The intersection of capitalism and compassion isn’t really a busy one, but once in a while you see a success story that results in more than just fat pockets. Toms, the company that gives a pair of shoes to needy children … Continue reading


Seabob Cayago Underwater Jetski 1

Seabob Cayago Underwater Jetski

Snorkeling always sounds good on paper. Then when it comes to put on the foggy mask, soggy life vest (don’t laugh), and begin gulping down sea water, you remember why you always leave it off the list of hobbies on … Continue reading


Alcohol Bottles Turned Into Hookahs 0

Alcohol Bottles Turned Into Hookahs

Parting is such sweet sorrow. At $50 a pop, it just doesn’t feel right to throw an empty bottle of Patron in the recycling bin; like, so many memories were made with that thing. TheHOOKAHolic’s store on Etsy is in … Continue reading


Honda Sportwagon Concept 1

Honda Sportwagon Concept

Looking to push the design envelope in the world of wagons, San Francisco based designer Rene Garcia (Pyschoform) presents his aggressive Honda Sportwagon Concept. Working full time as a digital modeler for some of the most well known science fiction … Continue reading


Taco Bell Hot Sauces in a Bottle

Taco Bell Hot Sauces in a Bottle

Working at Taco Bell during our high school days (the free Double Deckers and Baja Blast were well worth it), we remember all too well how much customers loved the store’s hot sauces. The days of Taco Bell employees hooking … Continue reading


Google Android Wear

Android Wear: Google’s Wearable Smart Devices

Rather than build the physical smartwatch itself, the folks at Google have decided to build software to help power the hardware. The search giant calls this new technology Android Wear. While it is applicable to more than just watches, the … Continue reading


PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer 1

PhoneSoap UV Smartphone Sanitizer

While you probably don’t think about it too often (if ever), your phone is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The PhoneSoap is a sanitizer built specifically for your smartphone, no matter the make or model. You use sanitizer … Continue reading


Fahraufnahme    Farbe: Crescendorot

2015 All-Electric Audi R8 E-Tron

Audi’s R8 E-Tron model has been an on again, off again project for a few years, but the brand has finally decided to green light the all-electric supercar for limited production. When the Audi E-Tron was originally unveiled, the main … Continue reading