Custom Honda CB1100 by Dimitri Bez 1

Custom Honda CB1100 by Dimitri Bez

Simple and clean is often a formidable one-two punch. Whether it’s a designer suit or a new haircut, there’s something to be said for making the most out of a minimalist theme. We see more proof of that premise again … Continue reading


Rinspeed Budii Autonomous Driving BMW i3 EV 0

Rinspeed Budii: Autonomous Driving BMW i3 EV

It’s been said that in the future, cars will do just as us drivers do. They will learn everyday, getting better and better until they’ve mastered the complex task that is modern-day private transport. It’s only a matter of time, … Continue reading


Custom Bimota DB3 by Analog  Motorcycles 1

Custom Bimota DB3 by Analog Motorcycles

Tony Prust and Mark Ardito of Analog Motorcycles have chosen to bless a 1996 Bimota DB3 with their custom wizardry, and we’re officially calling the end result a sterling success. This massive project began with a custom fabricated subframe and … Continue reading


The Monolith Electric Skateboard 1

The Monolith Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are starting to inch more from extremely niche market to mainstream, and as a result, many of the boards we see share similarities. But the Monolith lays claim to a couple of firsts: the first and only skateboard … Continue reading


SALT Luxury Yacht by Lujac Desautel 1

SALT Luxury Yacht by Lujac Desautel

It’s kinda tough to follow-up a 5,600-square-foot megayacht, but that’s exactly where freelance architecture and yacht designer Lujac Desautel has set the bar for himself. The SALT, a dazzling 180’ luxury yacht, is his latest attempt to eclipse that impossibly … Continue reading


Titanium Samurai Bicycle 1

Titanium Samurai Bicycle

We must’ve missed that scene in Seven Samurai where the ronins come riding in on their Schwinns to battle the bandits and save the village. OK, it never happened, but if they had been riding the Samurai Bike by Kyoto-based … Continue reading


Lexus LF-SA Concept 1

Lexus LF-SA Concept

Is there a market for little luxury? Not “a little luxury”– we said “little luxury.” The designers at Lexus think there might be, as they’re celebrating their 25th year in business with a new ultra-compact concept, the LF-SA. Created at … Continue reading


Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 1

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3

Most of the cars catching our attention at this year’s Geneva Motor Show have been meant for the streets, so we thought we’d shift gears a bit to focus on something built specifically for the track. Behold the beautiful Mercedes-Benz … Continue reading


2016 Honda Civic Type R 1

2016 Honda Civic Type R

Towards the end of last year we got our hands on some photos of a Honda Civic Type R concept that had fans begging the Japanese auto maker to put it in production. And today we get the final product … Continue reading


Best Cruiser Bikes

Beach Day: The 8 Best Cruiser Bikes

There’s a whole culture of people that make bicycling look like work. They’re out there day after day with their sleek bodies and spandex outfits, working up a sweat on a road bike that looks far too thin to be useful. … Continue reading