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Flossing is important for two primary reasons: 1) keeping your teeth and gums clean, and 2) keeping that damn dental hygienist from relentlessly nagging the hell out of you every six months.¬†Goodfloss is a biodegradable handheld flosser that will easily … Continue reading


Best Eye Creams For Men

Nip & Tuck: The 9 Best Eye Creams for Men

Men used to be proud of their weathered skin. An aged face was distinctive, showing that a guy had really lived life in the hard winds, bright sun, and pounding surf of the world. Now, rather than giving you an … Continue reading


Best Electric Toothbrush

Pearly Whites: The 8 Best Electric Toothbrushes

Dental care isn’t fun or sexy, but if you think taking the time to brush and floss is tough; try living life with yellowed teeth that’s full of bridges, caps, and fillings. It won’t just make your smile look like … Continue reading


Best Pomades For Men

Beyond Dapper: The 8 Best Pomades for Men

The word “Pomade” can conjure up notions of 50’s greasers with combs tucked into their jean pockets and cigarettes rolled up in their sleeves. It might also bring back memories of that tin of stuff your grandfather had next to … Continue reading


Best Mens Face Wash

Mug Scrubs: The 8 Best Face Washes for Men

Guys tend to neglect their skin. This leads to clogged pores, breakouts, flaking, and a prematurely aged look from using the harsh chemicals found in bar soaps on the relatively delicate skin of your face. Unless you want to prematurely … Continue reading


Best Deodorants For Men

Musk Masks: The 8 Best Deodorants for Men

Women might be able to convince the world that they glow with a lustrous sheen, but men sweat. We don’t sweat pretty either. We dump out buckets of the stuff. Working up a good sweat on the job or at … Continue reading


Best Lip Balms For Men

Mouth Guards: The 7 Best Lip Balms for Men

As a guy, it’s a difficult thing to apply lip balm without feeling a little effeminate. It’s one step away from mincing around asking your truck stop buddies if your corsage makes you look fat. That doesn’t mean it isn’t … Continue reading


Dovo Shavette Straight Razor

Dovo Shavette Straight Razor

If you crave the efficiency and old-school elegance of a straight edge razor, but could do without the inconvenience they tend to bring, the Dovo Shavette straight razor is right in your wheelhouse. The Dovo Shavette uses a plastic clip … Continue reading


Quip Toothbrushes 1

Quip Toothbrushes

Subscription services sure have made life easier in the digital age. Forget having to hit the store for things like razors, all you have to do is sign up once online, and you’re set forever. Quip is looking to bring … Continue reading


Best Beard Oils

Hairy Carry: The 6 Best Beard Oils

Your beard is your best friend. It is what keeps you warm when the world has turned a cold shoulder to you. It hides you from vicious and judgmental eyes. It is what you cry into when your lady finally … Continue reading