Apex Aluminum Wallet by MSTRMND Collective 1

Apex Aluminum Wallet

Our friends at MSTRMND Collective are no strangers when it comes to well designed wallets. They hit the ground running with their Simplistic wallet, and haven’t looked back since. Now Justin Heister and Jonah King look to hit another home … Continue reading


Best iPhone 6 Waterproof Cases

Splash Down: The 5 Best Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases

One of the biggest cries of Apple fanatics is that the company follow in the footsteps of Sony and make their phones waterproof so that if you are opening the box in a running shower, it won’t immediately die. As … Continue reading


Matrix Card Holder 1

Matrix Card Holder

Even after seeing the three movies, we were still a little unsure as to what the Matrix actually was. Now we finally know: It’s a card holder. Whoa. At least it is in this case, with this Danish-designed pocket accessory. … Continue reading


Coolbox Toolbox 1

Coolbox Smart Toolbox

Up until now, we really didn’texpect much else from a toolbox besides an A) an ability to hold tools and B) no Disney princess decals on the side. But the Coolbox, the so-called “world’s most advanced toolbox,” is aiming to … Continue reading


PDW Griffin Skeleton Knife 1

PDW Griffin Skeleton Knife

No man should ever hit the backcountry without a good survival knife. And while we’ve detailed a ton of great options in the past, the team at Prometheus Design Werx looks to be added to that list with the Griffin … Continue reading


Best Knife Sharpeners

On the Edge: The 9 Best Knife Sharpeners

Combat, cooking, hunting, backpacking, home repairs, and opening mail all have one thing in common: You should have a good knife when you do them. The problem is that even if you have the finest tactical knife or the fastest folding … Continue reading


BRONXTON Briber Key Edition Wallet 1

BRONXTON Briber Key Edition Wallet

We’ve got a drawer full of wallets, and yet we still can’t get enough of them. An essential part of our everyday carry, we believe different wallets are needed for different occasions. Even with our vast collection, we’d still gladly … Continue reading


Best Yoga Mats

Twist and Shout: The 5 Best Yoga Mats

As men, we’ve all had a moment when we thought that yoga didn’t look like exercise. It doesn’t even really look like warming up. Then, we tried it and discovered to our horror how hard it was to contort into … Continue reading


MiiR Vacuum Insulated Threadless Howler 1

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Threadless Howler

If you’re ready to take your beer connoisseur status to the next level, you’re gonna need a growler. And these aren’t the kind of things you wanna be buying every few months, so investing in a quality container is a … Continue reading


WORX Electric JawSaw 1

WORX Electric JawSaw

If a guy struggles to cut a tree limb in the forest, does anybody help him? No they do not. That – and the awesome product name – is what makes the WORX JawSaw such a valuable tool when it’s … Continue reading