Taurus Curve Handgun 1

Taurus Curve Handgun

You may not realize it, but your body has contours. They may not be Kardashianesque contours, but yeah, we all have same kind of curvature going on from our head to our toes. It’s with that principle in mind that … Continue reading


Tentsile Vista Tree Tent 1

Tentsile Vista Tree Tent

If the phrase “Ladies, care to join me in my tree tent?” doesn’t get you that long-awaited ménage a trois, we don’t know what will. Get the ball rolling with the Tentsile Vista, a 3-person “portable treehouse” that gives you … Continue reading


Box Of Tools For Kids by Best Made 0

Box Of Tools For Kids by Best Made

Is your toddler always pulling up his or her pants, constantly walking that fine line between cute and over-the-top public nudity? Maybe, just maybe, they’re destined to be a plumber, or carpenter, or any of the trades that seem to … Continue reading


Tactica One Bottle Opener 1

Tactica One Bottle Opener

If you take your beer seriously, you sure as heck don’t wanna waste time on getting your bottle open. Designed as a “premium product for your premium beers, without a premium price,” the Tactica One is a new tool for … Continue reading


Built Neoprene 6-Pack Beer Bottle Bag 1

Built Neoprene 6-Pack Beer Bottle Tote

Warm beer is a well-documented tragedy, but what about cold cocoa? That gets less press, but is also pretty disappointing this time of the year. If you’re in need of something simple and effective at keeping cold stuff cold and hot stuff … Continue reading


The Qlipter 2

The Qlipter

Whether you’re hanging a lamp on a tree, a knapsack on a suitcase, or an unwanted fruitcake on your neighbor’s car, the qlipter seems like it could have a limitless amount of uses. It works like a carabiner and hangs … Continue reading


Best Sleeping Pads

Mobile Beds: The 6 Best Sleeping Pads

A night out under the prairie stars is the perfect way to reconnect with the roots of men of old. The truth about men of old, however, was that their joints ached, they had chronic knee problems, and would spend … Continue reading


Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle 1

Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Bottle

Whether you’re scaling Everest or skating through your local mall’s parking lot, there’s often a need for traveling light. The Stash Collapsible Bottle from Hydrapak manages to make your water needs as convenient as possible with its unique accordion-like ability. … Continue reading


Armed Notebooks 1

Armed Notebooks

If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, shouldn’t you be able to take out a machete-wielding madman with a Bic? This is where our heads are at after seeing these cool Armed Notebooks. Each one features 3D covers … Continue reading


Best Gifts For Men Holiday 2014

Wishlist Recap: The Best Holiday Gifts For Men

The perfect men’s gift is as elusive as a unicorn being ridden by D. B. Cooper. The things you give might be good, they might even be great, but they’re rarely perfect and the things you receive are usually very … Continue reading