Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioning Cooler 1

Icybreeze Portable Air Conditioning Cooler

Would you keep your girlfriend around if she was a one trick pony? Probably not. The same principle should hold true for your cooler. The IcyBreeze earns its keep by keeping your stuff cold, then, also like a good girlfriend, … Continue reading


Brooks England Toolkit MT21 Bike Multi-Tool 1

Brooks England Toolkit MT21 Bike Multi-Tool

Since 1866, the good folks at Brooks England have been crafting leather bicycle saddles for 2-wheeled commuters. After nearly 150 years of working with bikes, we think it’s safe to assume these guys know a thing or two. The brand … Continue reading


Filson Dry Bag Collection 1

Filson Dry Bag Collection

When James Brown’s papa had a brand new bag back in 1965, it was an exciting time. So much so, that JB sang a song about it. It was funky and lively, but it was incomplete. Why? Because that bag … Continue reading


Standard Issue Dog Tag Multi-Tool 1

Standard Issue Dog Tag Multi-Tool

There’s certainly no shortage of great multi-tool options on the market today, but getting everything we need from a small, portable package has been a bit of a challenge. Premetheus Design Werx is doing something pretty amazing as they unveil … Continue reading


LEGO Tumbler Batmobile Set 1

LEGO Tumbler Batmobile Set

There’s been a ton of Batmobiles since the Caped Crusader made his debut all those years ago, but few have rivaled the awesomeness of Christopher’s Nolan’s Tumbler. With that being said, we knew it was only a matter of time … Continue reading


Breda M37 Paintball Machine Gun 1

Breda M37 Paintball Machine Gun

How serious do you take your paintball? If your answer was “How dare you even ask  such an asinine question!” then OK, sorry. Oh, and we may have found the ultimate weapon for you. The Breda M37 Paintball Machine Gun by … Continue reading


Kickflip Laptop Kickstand 1

Kickflip Laptop Kickstand

While those amusingly complex Rube Goldberg machines are always fascinating to watch, sometimes the most important inventions are the simplest. Case in point: the kickstand. Just an ordinary piece of metal, but can you imagine not having one on your … Continue reading


Frame Folio Bicycle Portfolio by Hard Graft 1

Frame Folio Bicycle Portfolio by Hard Graft

Can you remain a classy gentleman while bicycling? It depends. Are there baseball cards between your spokes? If not, you’ve got a chance. And you can boost those chances with the Frame Folio by Hard Graft. This is a stylish … Continue reading


Gerber Gearstrike Knife Series 0

Gerber Ghostrike Knife Series

We never hit the backcountry without our survival knife, but for everyday carry, it’s much too bulky. Sure there are plenty of pocket knives that will get the job done nicely, but Gerber is looking to innovate – and we’re … Continue reading


Best Leaf Blowers

In The Wind: The 5 Best Leaf Blowers

Sure, it’s the peak of summer and the sun is shining, trees are blooming, and dogs are in heat, but that is soon to change. Given the schizophrenic nature of the weather thanks to climate change, autumn could hit at … Continue reading