Best Work Gloves

Thumbs Up: The 8 Best Work Gloves

Humankind has gone to the moon – if you believe the government – plumbed the depths of the ocean, and even made a reduced-calorie beer for anyone watching their girlish figure. While these feats are impressive, none of them could … Continue reading


Filson Log Carrier 1

Filson Log Carrier

Most men who live in the country will need something to carry their logs into the home, but is that reason alone really worth getting married for? No it is not. Stay single and solve the problem with the Log … Continue reading


Best Air Matress

Cloud Comfort: The 9 Best Air Mattresses

Ah, the air mattress. As ubiquitous as the great and powerful futon and considered by many to be just as hideous. Yet there are times when you need an air mattress for one reason or another. Whether due to house … Continue reading


BikeParka Bicycle Cover 1

BikeParka Bicycle Cover

The ability to casually walk through a rainstorm – and not run like it’s anything more than harmless water falling on you - is part of what separates men from women. But rain on your bike? Now that is worth running for. … Continue reading


Best Hammocks

Backyard Paradise: The 9 Best Hammocks

One of the oldest modes that humankind has come up with, short of sleeping on the ground, is the hammock. To this day hammocks are synonymous with total relaxation and long summer days lazing between palm trees as you guzzle … Continue reading


Patchnride Instant Flat Tire Fixer

Patchnride Instant Flat Tire Fixer

Being able to change a flat tire seems to be one of those stereotypical guy tests; if you can pull it off, you get to keep your man card. If not, well, hey, your girlfriend deserves a serious high-five for … Continue reading


Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill 1

Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill

Every minute we spend in front of the grill this summer season is minute we can’t spend at the beach. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill. While we love firing … Continue reading


Vulture Equipment Cholera Mk1 Survival Knife 1

Vulture Equipment Cholera Mk1 Survival Knife

Fixed blade knives are a must have for any outdoor arsenal- the backbone for survival kits if you will. While there is certainly no shortage of options on the current market, Illinois based product designer William Egbert Jr. knew that … Continue reading


Best Cordless Drills

Bits and Pieces: The 8 Best Cordless Drills

A hammer, a roll of duct tape, a cordless drill, and a suitcase of Pabst is all that is required for most home repairs. Whether you’re hanging a picture frame, building a deck, or fixing your marriage, those tools will … Continue reading


Best BBQ Smokers

Country Flavor: The 6 Best Smokers

If you were not fortunate enough to ever visit one of those rustic western towns where they had a true, honest-to-god smokehouse, then you don’t even realize that your nose and mouth haven’t even come close to experiencing all that … Continue reading