Roomoon Hanging Tent 1

Roomoon Hanging Tent

Sometimes we daydream about chillin at the International Space Station; then we think about all the grueling training involved with getting to that point—no thanks. So, in aiming our sights a little lower, we’ve come across the lovely little roomoon … Continue reading


Jasper Wallet by Mr Lentz 1

Jasper Snap Wallet by Mr. Lentz

Our friend and neighbor Mr. Lentz is back to his old ways, rolling out a  beautiful new slim-profile wallet for the summer season. The Jasper Wallet is the latest creation to hit the scene from the San Diego cowboy, and it’s … Continue reading


Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

Those fishing shows are great to fall in and out of sleep to on Saturday mornings, aren’t they? Good ol’ boy sitting in his boat, yammering about his “technique” for 20 minutes while the water remains calmer than the Dalai … Continue reading


Mac Pro Case by WaterField Designs

Mac Pro Go Case

Whether you’re a video editor, traveling gamer, or somewhere between, you know that keeping your Mac Pro in tip top condition during transport is of the utmost importance. Waterfield’s Mac Pro Go Case is the perfect way to protect your … Continue reading


Best Rock Climbing Shoes

Built To Scale: The 6 Best Rock Climbing Shoes

A bad pair of shoes can give you back aches, pinch your toes, or, in the case of bad rock climbing shoes, they will cause you to fall to your death. Since no one wants to clean that up, we’re … Continue reading


Zoku Iced Coffee Maker 1

Zoku Iced Coffee Maker

During the summer months we prefer getting our morning caffeine fix from iced coffee, but making it hasn’t always been the most convenient task. The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker changes all that, letting you make a cup of iced coffee … Continue reading


Best Fishing Rods

Casting Call: The 6 Best Fishing Rods

Before mankind had high-powered rifles with night vision capabilities for hunting down The World’s Deadliest Duck, we had to get much of our food from the ocean. The bounty of the sea – as well as rivers and lakes – … Continue reading


Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi-Tool 0

Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi-Tool

The current trend in the world of multi-tools has definitely been, “the smaller, the better.” And when it comes to portability, it doesn’t get any better than the Leatherdos Hair Clip Multi-Tool. Sure this thing won’t be able to tackle a … Continue reading


Best Hiking Backpacks

Baggage Claim: The 5 Best Hiking Backpacks

The Hike. Probably one of the most common tests of human endurance available. When a person pits themselves against the spirit of the hill and proves that he or she can climb up any mound of dirt on Earth just … Continue reading


Horror Movie Action Figures 0

Horror Movie Action Figures

Guess what’s only three months away? OK, we’ll tell you—it’s Halloween; the one time of the year when you can sadistically conduct mental and emotional torture on another human being and (as long as you do it briefly and follow … Continue reading