Muzik Smart Headphones 1

Muzik Smart Headphones

The headphone market has exploded in recent years. With the constant improvements being offered by our favorite brands, we knew it was only a matter of time before someone created the world’s first smart headphones. Well, here they are. Meet … Continue reading


SoloShot2 Robotic Cameraman 0

SoloShot2 Robotic Cameraman

The original SoloShot was one of our favorite products to hit the tech scene last year, and this year the Robot Cameraman gets a nice update with the unveiling of the SoloShot 2. Finding someone to film all of your … Continue reading


Hasselblad Stellar 2 Compact Camera 1

Hasselblad Stellar 2 Compact Camera

Expect to take a lot of pictures in front of the mirror with Hasselblad’s new Stellar 2 luxury compact camera. Not because your ego is out of control, but because you’ll just want to ogle this exquisite shooter as much … Continue reading


Mini Power Rechargeable Cardboard Batteries

Mini Power Rechargeable Cardboard Batteries

Slowly but surely, batteries are getting better for our ever-expanding assortment of power-hungry devices; but they’re still not good enough. As we wait for a true breakthrough, inventions like Mini Power from designer Tsung Chih-Hsien become extremely appealing. Though unfortunately … Continue reading


Bang Olufsen Beoplay H2 Headphones 1

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H2 Headphones

When you’re out on public, you need headphones that not only sound great, but look like you care about your appearance. Because no man has ever successfully hit on a girl while rockin the Styrofoam cup and string setup. The Bang … Continue reading


Legacybox- Turn Your Analog Media Into Digital Files 1

Legacybox: Turn Your Analog Media Into Digital Files

Sure, VHS tapes were pronounced dead more than a decade ago, but you’ll be damned if you throw away that footage of you hitting your first 3-pointer (to bring your team within 25 points). Hey, the final score is not … Continue reading


The Powerlace- Self-Lacing Sneakers

The Powerlace: Self-Lacing Sneakers

We’re not quite sure why Velcro sneakers became the sole property of toddlers, but here it is 2014 and we’re still being forced to tie our damn shoes. Canadian footwear designer Frederick Labbe shares our frustration and has done something … Continue reading


Doxie Go Plus 1

Doxie Go Plus

Scanning documents and photos on the go just got a whole lot easier as Doxie introduces its latest iteration on its flagship scanner, the Doxie Go Plus. This contraption is perfect for those of you that work from a mobile … Continue reading


Mophie Powerstation Plus 1

Mophie Powerstation Plus

What does it say about society that we no longer find fast food fast enough for us? That’s probably too deep a question for us to handle, but we do know that people are hungry for anything that gets them … Continue reading


Adobe Creative Cloud Moleskine Notebook 1

Adobe Creative Cloud Moleskine Notebook

No one wants to the fine folks at No. 2 Pencil (if that’s even a company, we’re not sure) to go out of business. That’s why products like the Creative Cloud Moleskine notebook are so pivotal. They keep the pencil … Continue reading