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CC Racing Garage Shows Off a Custom Bolt-On Body Kit for the Zero SR/F Moto

Photos: CC Racing Garage

Established in 2006, CC Racing Garage is a Rome-based custom motorcycle shop that applies a combination of modern and old-world construction techniques to its builds. And while thus far CC has primarily focused on petrol-powered European models, the shop has now taken its metal-working skills and applied them to creating a transformative bolt-on bodywork kit for Zero’s all-electric SR/F motorcycle.

Crafted entirely by hand on an English wheel, CC Racing Garage’s Zero SR/F bolt-on kit radically alters the appearance of the donor model, bestowing the naked sportbike with a revised tank cover, a minimalistic tail section, and a custom grilled belly-pan that leaves the SR/F’s trellis frame on full display while rounding out and cleaning up the bottom line of the bike’s silhouette. The modified tank cover also sports a glove compartment for housing phones and other small pieces of gear. In addition to a one-off front fender, a rear fender delete, and a custom headlight set in a bespoke housing, the kit also includes a number of thoroughly top-shelf smaller odds and ends from Rizoma and Frentubo. Not only can the entire kit be installed without any welding, fabrication, or permanent modifications to the donor, but the entire thing can also be returned to its stock form in only a few hours’ time.

Thus far, the kit has been produced as a one-off, though if enough interest is shown, CC Racing Garage may opt to put the assortment of bolt-on parts into production. Interested parties can make inquiries via the shop’s website.

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Photo: CC Racing Garage
Photo: CC Racing Garage
Photo: CC Racing Garage