Windeler Unveils a Myriad of Stackable Magnetic Titanium Multi-Tool Elements

Over the summer of 2020, British designer and engineer Douglas Windeler launched a Kickstarter campaign for an ultra-modular, magnetic-coupling multi-tool that allowed users to cater their “stack” to their everyday carry wants and needs. And after the massively successful initial crowdfunding campaign, the fledgling UK firm began receiving countless requests for additional tools to be added to the stack, and after enough demand from the public, Windeler has now opted to release a second Kickstarter campaign comprised of the four most popularly-requested tools.

Designed to be utilized individually but carried as a stack, the new items are all crafted from aerospace-grade titanium and are comprised of pliers, knives, scissors, and a case. Designed to maximize both gripping power and dexterity, the PL01 Folding Pliers were engineered to act as a base tool for the modular stack. Windeler’s patented magnetic coupling system has also been integrated into the base of the plier’s handles, allowing them to lock closed when not being used, while also magnetically connecting to the rest of the stack. The new campaign also features a titanium set of equally-hardwearing SAK-style folding scissors with magnetic couplings.

Headlining the new additions to the stack is an all-new ultra-slim knife design. Equipped with a 2.9” nail-nick-opening Wharncliffe blade made from LC200N blade steel, this non-locking slipjoint model is offered with either titanium handles or G-10 scales. Also designed to act as a base of a stack, the knife — which has been dubbed the MINIM — is legal to carry in both California and the UK. Rounding out the new release from Windeler is a new folding carrying case that’s made in two sizes and crafted from ultra-rugged and highly-abrasion-resistant CORDURA with a soft nylon lining.

The new Windeler STOW Cases, SC01 Scissors, PL01 Pliers, G-10 MINIM Knife, and Ti MINIM Knife are all currently available for backing on the company’s ongoing Kickstarter campaign — which has already met its goal more than a dozen times over with more than two weeks left on the campaign — starting from $22, $40, $53, $99, and $129, respectively.

Kickstarter: $22+

Photo: Windeler