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Unimatic’s Esercito Italiano Collection Pays Tribute to the Italian Military

Watch microbrands are gaining traction like never before. While there are a near-innumerable amount of watch microbrands in today’s market, one of the most popular is the Italian standout, Unimatic. The watchmaker has captured the attention of the horological space with its stunning and minimalistic designs, and though young in age, Unimatic seamlessly has fused dive watch heritage with its distinct, understated style to carve out a niche for itself in the microbrand space. Now, Unimatic is adding to its hit line of timepieces with its new Esercito Italiano Collection.

The Esercito Italiano Collection includes three military-inspired pieces: the U1-PA, the U1-PAN, and the U4-TA. Both the U1-PA and the U1-PAN pay tribute to the Paracadutisti, the Italian army’s infantry corps paratroopers. These rugged timepieces are a bit busier than Unimatic’s other watches, but their dials still largely retain the minimalist design that we’ve come to know and love from Unimatic. One of the most notable traits the two U1 watches feature is the compass bezel, which is a first-time addition for any Unimatic watch. Another eye-catching feature is the badge of the Paracadutisti, which is proudly featured at six o’clock. The U1-PA features a stainless steel case with a black DLC brushed finish while the U1-PAN features a brushed stainless steel case.

Rounding out the Esercito Italiano Collection is the U4-TA, which honors the Comando Truppe Alpine, which leads an elite mountainous task force that is the oldest active mountain military unit in the world. With a plain brushed steel bezel, this watch is the most minimalist of the trio, and it sports the Truppe Alpine logo on its understated dial. The U4-TA also features a brushed stainless steel case and a foliage green TPU two-piece strap. All three watches feature the same automatic caliber Seiko NH35A movement, boast a 300m water resistance, and come in a shockproof Unimatic Tough Case.

Collectors eyeing these handsome watches better act fast, as they’re all limited editions. The U4-TA is limited to 200 pieces, the U1-PA is limited to 300 pieces, and the U1-PAN is limited to just 150 pieces. Pricing for Unimatic’s Esercito Italiano Collection starts at €550 (~$617) and the watches are available now on the brand’s website.

Purchase: $617+

Photo: Unimatic