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TeNeues Gloriously Updates Its Iconic Rolex Coffee Table Book

Some names offer such an illustrious history that the only way to tell it is via print. While that may be the case, some brands do all the talking for themselves — or, in this case, the ticking. Garnering a massive update, TeNeues has just published a new version of The Watch Book: Rolex, and it’s a surefire way to please all fans of the brand.

Written and curated by Gisbert L. Brunner, who also put together the publisher’s initial installation as well as a broad overview of watches overall, his latest work includes even more to peer through. Thanks to the inclusion of an abundance of the Swiss standout’s timepieces from the past couple of years, entry-level horologists and full-on enthusiasts are sure to find something of personal interest throughout the book’s beautifully-printed pages. These particular timepieces include some along the lines of Rolex’s 2020 Submariner update and colorful Oyster Perpetual lineup from 2021, all the while providing a thorough history of the luxury brand. With a meticulous composition and over 400 envious photos, this will surely be a conversation piece around whichever coffee table you toss it on.

Currently available for $91, the latest edition of The Watch Book: Rolex boasts 272 pages of unadulterated luxury, and getting your hands on one this holiday season may even be better than a legitimate watch — after all, you get to look at far more than one here.

Purchase: $91