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MB&F Looks to ’60s Home Architecture for an Innovative Watch that Rotates 360º

MBF HM11 Architect 0 Hero
Photo: MB&F

Since 2005, MB&F has been building wild and memorable timepieces — at least that’s what they tell us they are — that push the standard conventions of horology, to say the least. From innovative models inspired by car engines to others inspired by specific animals, the Swiss firm may have just unveiled its finest experimental creation yet, and surprisingly one that won’t look as far-fetched on your wrist.

MBF HM11 Architect 1
Photo: MB&F

Inspired by mid-century houses, specifically from the 1960s, when inventive architects, guided by hypothetical ideas of the future, were also pushing the limits of design. We’re talking John Lautner’s Chemosphere or Matti Suuronen’s Futuro — structural visages that looked too surreal to be of this world. Much in the same, MB&F’s latest masterpiece, HM11 Architect looks like it’s from another planet. 

MBF HM11 Architect 2
Photo: MB&F

From a bird’s eye perspective, you will notice a central “hub” in the watch that holds the flying tourbillon movement, which was developed in-house and is manually wound by rotating the case 10 times. That’s right, this watch can rotate a full 360 degrees so that you can view any side at any time. From the hub, four “rooms” are attached symmetrically, each serving a different function. The first is the crown to adjust the time, while the second reads the time itself in hour and minute form. However, instead of traditional hour markers, you’ll notice floating orbs made from either aluminum or titanium. The third room features a power reserve indicator and the fourth room hosts a thermometer, which is available in either Celsius or Fahrenheit variations. At 42mm across, the HM11 Architect uses titanium for its case and is affixed with a rubber strap.

MBF HM11 Architect 3
Photo: MB&F

Only 25 of the HM11 Architect will be made, and if your pockets are deep enough, you can purchase one for yourself from MB&F’s website for $230,000.