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CODE41’s Dropped a Beautiful Tourbillon and It’s Actually (Somewhat) Affordable

CODE41 Tourbillon 0 Hero
Photo: CODE41

The tourbillon: A device made some two centuries ago to regulate the effects of gravity on the precision of a pocketwatch when held in different positions. Today, wristwatches with one of these rotating cages — which combines the balance, balance spring, and escapement — are some of the most valuable you can find. That’s why it’s quite notable when a watchmaker releases a tourbillon model that the average person can actually afford. Launched in 2016 and built on tenets of transparency for the buyer, CODE41 has made it its business to disrupt the watch industry. Now, the Swiss brand has unveiled a beautiful new tourbillon model that’s priced around the $10,000 mark.

CODE41 Tourbillon 1
Photo: CODE41

Due to the high precision offered by modern chronometers, the tourbillon is not really a necessary technology anymore — but that’s also what makes it fun. As Hodinkee once cheekily put it, “The tourbillon is a complication whose function is to separate a client from as much money as possible.” But still, it’s perhaps the epitome of obsoleteness in an industry that can be viewed, by some, as obsolete itself. Yet, just like other beautiful wristwatches, we can’t help but be smitten by a mechanism that’s this cool-looking and difficult to make. 

CODE41 Tourbillon 2
Photo: CODE41

CODE41’s T360 Tourbillon gets the job done by outsourcing most of its work to several Swiss firms. However, the new watch is meant for everyday wear, constructed with a 42mm grade 5 titanium case with components that can be customized as well. Pick the color of the skeletonized dial (black, blue, orange, blue-gray, or rainbow) and pair it with one of 16 different straps, in styles that range from steel to NATO to rubber to perforated racing leather. The T360 is also available in either the brand’s classic NativeDNA case or the brand-new Stratom case, which features a more squared design with a screw in each corner.

CODE41 Tourbillon 3
Photo: CODE41

To customize and purchase your own T360 Tourbillon, head over to CODE41’s website. Prices start at $10,655.