Vollebak’s Packable Race to Zero Collection Is Every Runner’s Dream

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When it comes to top-tier garment engineering, few brands stand up to the likes of Vollebak. The London-based innovator’s catalog features a wide variety of pieces fit to withstand the most bewildering scenarios, and its immaculately lightweight Race to Zero Collection fits that very mold, looking to withstand either a 5km run — or five consecutive days of working out.

Weighing a mere 600 grams overall, the array of running attire features a shirt, shorts, and a pair of jackets, the latter of which is much warmer than its weight would suggest. Starting with the 113-gram t-shirt and 127-gram shorts, each is crafted from a fine brand of plush Italian material, guaranteeing moisture-wicking, optimized stretchiness, and impressively fast-drying abilities. Capable of packing down into an ultra-compact pocket, this conveniently portable gear has also received a silver-based antimicrobial treatment.

Next is the Race to Zero Jacket, a weatherized windbreaker that weighs a minuscule 85 grams. The collection’s lightest piece comes equipped with a pair of roomy pockets and a whopping 27 laser-cut vents for maximum breathability. Lastly, the Race to Zero Puffer is as novel as it gets, providing sustainable synthetic insulation while keeping the overall weight to just 277 grams. Rounded out with a pair of zipped vents to keep things cool when necessary, this water-repellent garment goes to show that it’s keeping your performance in mind with each stride you take.

Whether you do plan on running five days straight is up to you, but we recommend picking this up no matter how long your routine lasts. Vollebak’s Race to Zero Collection is available in its entirety on the brand’s site, starting from $110.

Purchase: $110+