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Vollebak’s Equator Range Features a Quintet of Heat-Resistant Pieces

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In case you couldn’t tell by now, climate change is here, with high temperatures increasingly becoming the norm all over the world. Naturally, such inhospitable climates call for clothes that are capable of keeping you safe and comfortable in extreme heat. Thanks to Vollebak and its ultra-lightweight Equator Range, you can prepare better than ever to battle these blistering temperatures and extreme environments.

The collection features five essential pieces: a t-shirt, shorts, a short-sleeve button-up, a long-sleeve shirt, and a pair of pants. Starting with the Equator T-Shirt, it is crafted from “silk-like Pima cotton” and weighs a mere 130 grams, making it bafflingly comfortable across the board. Moving on to the Equator Shorts, these are primarily composed of enviously-soft cotton called Karnak Menoufi. This rare material is sourced from the Nile Delta, then made remarkably sturdy thanks to Vollebak’s use of Italian-made elastane and ultra-fine nylon. In order to resist humidity, the shorts boast a built-in ventilation system, composed of 332 perforated vents that increase airflow as soon as you open the shorts’ pockets, of which there are four.

Next, the two-way stretch long-sleeve Equator Shirt is crafted from the same world-class textile and weighs a mere 200 grams, deeming it “the most technical lightweight shirt ever built.” It features Vollebak’s most-advanced ventilation system yet, with 18 concealed air vents, two of which are found at its zippered chest pockets, while eight others are placed across the upper back, six on the shoulders, and two under the arms with high-stretch Italian mesh for added breathability. Most importantly, the Equator Shirt has a UPF score of 50+, giving it the highest protection rating possible for blocking UV rays. For an even lighter version, there’s the short-sleeve edition of the Equator Shirt, which boasts the same materials, UPF rating, and overall composition, but comes in lighter at 167 grams and features 10 concealed air vents. Lastly, the Karnak Menoufi-crafted Equator Pants are an elongated take on the aforementioned shorts that will keep you just as cool. These breathable bottoms are equipped with 332 laser-cut vents throughout, then finished off with a temperature-resistant corozo nut button and reinforced knee panels for durability’s sake.

Every piece of apparel in the Equator Range is ultra-lightweight and insanely breathable, with the shirt, pants, and shorts also being UV resistant. If you’re looking to gear up for the endless summer, any piece from this collection is sure to help. Garments in Vollebak’s Equator Range are available on the clothier’s web shop, starting from $95.

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