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Wild Turkey’s ‘Master’s Keep Unforgotten’ Is a Top-Shelf Version of a Famous Mistake

Photo: Wild Turkey

From popsicles to chocolate chip cookies to the Slinky, some of the most enjoyable treats in existence were invented by accident. Back in 2010, Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller Eddie Russell tasted the result of a crew member’s accidental blending of 4-year-old rye whiskey and 6-year-old bourbon. At first irritated by the mistake, he quickly realized the magic that had taken place. The end result, dubbed Forgiven, was released in limited quantities at 91 proof and proved to be very popular.

12 years later, Wild Turkey has now released Unforgotten, a new take on the flub as part of its top-shelf Master’s Keep series. This time around, the proof has been raised to 105 and the age increased considerably on both accounts, marrying 8- and 9-year rye (old men among their fellow rye compatriots) with 13-year-old bourbon.

The Master’s Keep series was launched back in 2015 as a way for the distillery to experiment with aging and whiskey-making technique. Its latest chapter, Unforgotten, finds a diverse palate of caramel, dried fruit, and sweet oak to go along with the black pepper and baking spice imbued by the rye content.

Wild Turkey’s Master’s Keep Unforgotten should be rolling out any day to select retailers for around $200. Head over to the distillery’s website for more.