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The Glenlivet’s Innovative RTD Cocktails Mix the Ingredients for You

The Glenlivet Twist and Mix RTDs 0 Hero
Photo: The Glenlivet

By this point, we’ve seen enough ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs) that it’s difficult to become impressed with many of the new products that come out. Aside from an excess of options available, another major issue with many of the RTDs we’ve seen is the inherent impotence of the ingredients that get mixed into the liquor. With an indefinite shelf life, the liquor itself isn’t the issue, but the state of the non-alcoholic ingredients typically needs to be slightly different than the ones used if you were to make the drink from scratch at home. However, thanks to the first-to-market technology implemented by the Glenlivet with their new line of RTDs, the added ingredients stay fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them.

The Scotch world has been relatively quiet when it comes to bottled cocktails. But now, one of the biggest names in single malts has entered the chat, and it’s not going to simply play by the rules. When attempting to make your own Rob Roy or rusty nail, the Glenlivet’s 12-year bottle may just be your best choice. Priced exceptionally well and emblematic of the Speyside profile, this single malt whisky should be on the bar cart of any mixologist, whether they’re an amateur or expert. 

Eliminating the work entirely, the distillery’s Twist & Mix Cocktails unveils a new way of approaching the RTD cocktail by using an innovative pressurized cap system. Before you even open up the bottle, you twist the top, which unloads the mixed ingredients into the single malt whisky down below. After that, you just pour the liquid over some ice. As of right now, the series features two iterations of popular cocktails: the Old Fashioned and the New Manhattan, each coming in 375mL bottles that serve around 8 drinks.

When these bottles land at retailers, they are expected to be priced at around $22. If you’re ready to try something a bit more elevated when it comes to RTDs, then head over to the Glenlivet’s website to learn more.