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SunnySide’s Solar-Powered Lunchbox Keeps Food at the Perfect Temperature

Packing lunch for work is a convenient way to eat healthy and save money. On the other hand, it can often seem like time gone to waste when you have to worry about your food going bad before your break. Luckily, SunnySide is a Texas-based startup that has found a way to preserve your lunch at the perfect temperature with its smart Solar-Powered Lunchbox.

SunnySide claims that its self-heating lunch box is one of a kind, and it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen any examples that can rival it. It boasts a built-in thermometer that pairs with the product’s neighboring app, the latter of which allows you to control the lunchbox’s temperature for as long as 20 hours. Its internal induction heating tech is capable of heating your food in practically no time at all, functionally serving almost as a portable microwave.

The built-in induction coil heats food as high as 167° Fahrenheit while using very little energy, allowing you to reheat as many as 7 meals on a single charge. It also doubles as a cooler, boasting a thick layer of insulation and three fans that allow you to keep salads crisp and even ice cream frozen when the need arises. Whether you’re going to the office, the beach, or a backyard cookout, this device serves as a versatile choice for any excursion.

Enjoy your food the way it was intended with SunnySide’s Solar-Powered Lunchbox. It is currently available on Kickstarter for a minimum pledge of $69 and is expected to begin shipping out to customers starting in October.

Kickstarter: $69+

Photo: SunnySide
Photo: SunnySide
Photo: SunnySide