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Michter’s Revives Its Coveted 25-Year Bourbon After a Three-Year Drought

Michters 25 Year Bourbon 0 Hero
Photo: Michter's

If you’re tired of spending $10,000+ every time you need a new bottle of Michter’s 25 Year Bourbon, you’re in luck. After a three-year drought, the Kentucky distillery is bringing us another release of its coveted whiskey, and with a “much cheaper” price tag of $1,500.

There’s a reason why we don’t see a lot of bourbon whiskeys with high age statements. Sure, there’s the rare occasion, such as Knob Creek’s recent 18 Year release, as well as a similar offering from Elijah Craig. But these are few and far between, mainly because of the nature of aging a corn-based spirit and the wide-swinging climates of American rickhouses. Simply put, once the dram gets beyond a certain age, it eventually becomes undrinkable unless the conditions are right and the aging is done very carefully. You’ll notice this differs from single malt, which benefits from a malted barley mashbill that can age for longer than corn. And then there are the annual 20 and 23 Year expressions from Pappy’s, which are high-wheat bourbons.

As for Michter’s 25 Year, there’s a reason why it’s so beloved. For those lucky enough to have tried it, you can attest to its dynamic profile of molasses, holiday spice, smoked nuts, chocolate, melted butter, and vanilla, as well as its surprising smoothness despite the high ABV (this current release is at around 116 proof). Having a modern history that dates back only a couple of decades (the defunct distillery was resurrected in the early ‘00s), Michter’s has become a staple of the bourbon world, even earning the coveted title of “The World’s Most Admired Whiskey” by U.K.-based Drinks International this year — the first time an American brand has topped the list.

If you want a bottle of this 25 Year Kentucky Bourbon, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. Once again, the SRP is at $1,500 but expect secondary markets to bump these up quite a bit. Head over to Michter’s website to learn more.