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Elevated Craft Raises the Drinkware Bar with Its Hybrid Cocktail Glass

Whether you’re a master mixologist or just someone who appreciates a good drink, having high-quality barware and drinkware is paramount. In today’s world that’s bombarded with craft spirit labels and artisanal cocktails, there’s no reason to settle for less-than-stellar bar accouterments. That’s why we love Elevated Craft. While the company makes a few different bar tools, its reputation went stratospheric when it launched the Hybrid Cocktail Shaker, a premium and innovative take on the traditional shaker. After the meteoric success of its shaker, the Arizona-based startup looks to make waves in the mixology space once again with its newest glass.

The Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Glass stands on the giant shoulders of its predecessor. From its sleek, contemporary design to its utilitarian versatility, this new glass seems to be an extension of the Hybrid Cocktail Shaker, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The first feature we notice on the Hybrid Cocktail Glass is its double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel case. This case was an ingenious component of the Hybrid Cocktail Shaker, which provides maximum insulation for the drink and comfort for the user’s hands. It’s also condensation-proof, meaning this glass legitimately doesn’t require coasters.

Inside the base, you’ll find the removable glass insert, the real star of this show. The insert features an integrated measuring system to give you precise measurements for your pours. It’s big enough to fit an entire 2″ ice cube with ease, however, the insert’s removability is what gives the Hybrid Cocktail Glass its unrivaled versatility. If you store extra inserts in the freezer, the stalwart insulation of the case makes it to where you hardly need to add ice to your cocktail (unless it’s desired), which decreases the chances of over-diluting your precious drink.

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass is dishwasher safe, making it all the easier to own, and it has a simple ergonomic design to hold comfortably. Elevated Craft’s Hybrid Cocktail Glass is available for preorder on Kickstarter for $39 and has a release window set for June 2022.

Kickstarter: $39+

Photo: Elevated Craft
Photo: Elevated Craft