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Courvoisier Has Aged Its Latest Cognac in Coveted Japanese Mizunara Casks

For the most fervent liquor enthusiasts, Japanese whisky was thought to be the best-kept secret for a few decades now. In recent years, the general public has begun to discover how poorly-kept that secret actually was, relishing in the wonders of Japanese whisky-making. What makes it so superior? Not only is the climate in the Land of the Rising Sun conducive to a richer aging process, but the rare mizunara oak used for the barrels is some of the most sought-after in the world. When the Japanese first started making their own whisky at the turn of the 20th century, they weren’t able to benefit from the help of others who had already mastered the craft, so they had to figure it out on their own. The result is something truly personal and unique.

Courvoisier, one of the names that’s become synonymous with French Cognac, is trying something new with its latest release entitled Mizunara Cognac. Teaming up its Master Blender Patrice Pinet with House of Suntory’s Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo, the French distillery has combined cultures and techniques by taking its Grande Champagne from the Cognac region and aging it in French oak barrels first and then maturing it a second time in a Japanese mizunara cask.

Displaying a golden hue, Courvoisier Mizunara Cognac exhibits sandalwood, sweet spices, and roasted cocoa on the nose, with a palate that invites intense notes of tropical fruit, jasmine, and vanilla before finally giving way to a long finish of tannins and sweetness. Depicting a beautiful golden mizunara oak tree from Japan across the front, the bottle itself is numbered up to 500 and placed in a wooden-styled box.

This spectacular Cognac bottle is only available in limited quantities for select countries across the globe and is pinned with a $2,000 price tag. You can learn more at Courvoisier’s website.

Purchase: $2,000

Photo: Courvoisier