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CoffeeB’s Globe is a Swiss Pod Machine without the Pods

There’s no denying the speed and convenience provided by a good coffee pod machine. In fact, even brewing a cup of joe with your Nespresso or Keurig can be downright delicious. However, the waste that accompanies those pods is equally undeniable. And while many companies have taken huge steps to ensure that their pods are in fact recyclable, there’s one brand on the rise that’s eliminating waste altogether.

Switzerland-based CoffeeB has recently launched its innovative coffee maker, Globe, which ditches aluminum and plastic capsules entirely. Currently making beverages in eight different flavors and/or styles — Lungo, Lungo Bio, Lungo Forte, Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Forte, Organic Espresso, and Decaffeinato — the coffee itself is compacted into small balls, protected by a thin compostable layer. Upon preparation, the ball is softened and inflated with water, and then extracted by the machine using anywhere between 7 and 12 bar pressure.

If the technology weren’t enough, the brew that comes out of the machine is of high quality as well. Adding a layer of crema on top of whichever style you choose, the machine utilizes a patented brewing system to ensure consistency of the nuanced coffee grounds (which are each given guaranteed approval from either the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, or EU organic). The top of each machine stores nine coffee balls.

Available in either black or white, the Globe can be purchased on CoffeeB’s website for 149 CHF (~$155). As a plus, the coffee balls are reasonably priced at either 4.60CHF (~$4.78) or 4.95CHF (~$5.14) for a pack of 9.

Purchase: $155