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Start Enjoying Stogies with Cigora’s Boutique Cigar Sample Kit

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Whether done alone or in the company of friends, smoking fine cigars can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. For the uninitiated, however, it can be a little intimidating first dipping your toes into this hobby as there are a lot of unknowns. In a bid to make it more accessible to newcomers, cigar blog, retailer, and online community Cigora has recently unveiled the ultimate cigar starter set with its Boutique Sampler package

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Cigora’s Boutique Starter Sample set is comprised of ten different cigars in total, including stogies from both smaller emerging boutique outfits and more established mainstay brands. This curated selection includes one of each of the following cigars: Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, Plasencia Reserva Original, ADVentura Navigator, Cavalier Geneve BII Viso Jalapa, RoMa Craft Intermperance EX XVIII, Tatuaje Cabaiguan, Espinosa Habano, Four Kicks by Crowned Heads, Lost & Found La Whatever, and Aganorsa’s Guardian of the Farm. Of these elite cigars, the Lost and Found La Whatever is a blend exclusively available at Cigora and is a collaboration between Robert Caldwell of Caldwell/Lost and Found cigars, and Matt Booth of Room101 Cigars. Additionally, the Guardian of the Farm Rocco by Aganorsa is a recent size extension of the ever-popular line which is also only available at Cigora.

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Hailing from Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic, this 10-cigar sampler set allows users try out a myriad of different types of cigars, all with varying wrappers, fillers, and binders — making it much easier for novice smokers to discover which varieties of cigars they enjoy without having to spend an arm and a leg to do so. On top of the cigars themselves, this sampler kit also features everything needed to store, prepare, and enjoy the ten included sticks. This includes a Cigora-branded Spark Viking butane torch lighter, a glass Cigora ashtray, a Boveda pack, and a wooden, glass-topped humidor with a built-in hygrometer. 

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The Cigora Boutique Starter Sampler is available for order now with pricing set at just $100 — including free shipping. What’s more, Cigora is also letting customers supplement its Boutique Starter Sampler pack with an additional four-cigar Founder’s Kit — a $45 value — for only $15 more.