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Breville Makes Your Kitchen a Lot Smarter with Its Latest Joule Oven

While Breville is a leader in kitchen appliances, what is even more impressive is its willingness to develop top-of-the-line smart kitchen appliances, which has ultimately proven to be a category in and of itself. That said, the Sydney-bred manufacturer is now cranking out its most advanced convection oven yet: the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro.

As the brand’s very-first app-powered piece of cookware, users can operate it through the Joule Oven App, which features recipes, tips, and Autopilot, the latter being Breville’s latest and greatest tech advancement. This new automated experience essentially walks you through the recipe, then has the Joule switch its cooking modes on its own to provide the best tasting result. It also boasts over a dozen preset cooking options, including slow cooking, dehydrating, and the almighty air frying mode.

The new smart oven also offers seamless connectivity to both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to tell someone to make your dinner with no added guilt. In addition to its culinary sorcery, the new Joule is powered by the brand’s proprietary Element iQ tech, implementing smart algorithms and intricate temperature control to create the ideal cooking environment for all your meals.

With so many different options swarming the market, it’s safe to assume anyone would be better off with the latest and greatest all-in-one appliance — plus, it’ll sure save you some countertop space. Breville’s high-end Joule Air Fryer Oven Pro is available now on the brand’s website in either black or brushed stainless steel for $500.

Purchase: $500

Photo: Breville
Photo: Breville