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Bowmore and Aston Martin Unite to Create a 21-Year-Old Scotch

One of the hallmarks of limited release whiskies is the creativity that goes into creating them. Distillers are granted a wider allowance of imagination in their approach to making delicious whisky, which usually results in a delectable product. The same goes for brand collaborations. Two unrelated companies meet at a creative intersection to alchemize their styles and create a product that features the best of both spaces. In this case, iconic automaker Aston Martin and the pride of the Scotch Islay Region, Bowmore, have come together to make the Bowmore Master’s Selection single malt whisky.

The Bowmore Master’s Selection is the first single malt scotch made by Bowmore in collaboration with Aston Martin. This collaboration is the brainchild of Bowmore Master Whisky Blender, Ron Welsh, and Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, in a unification of automotive design and whisky-making. Welsh took inspiration from Aston Martin’s use of the Golden Ratio principle, which is the heart of their design ethos, and applied it to whisky making. In nature, the golden ratio is the mathematical ratio that creates aesthetically pleasing compositions. For Aston Martin, this means finding “the optimal of proportions” to achieve absolute beauty; for Bowmore, proportions equate to cask selection, cask age, and blending to shape the whisky’s character and flavor profile. What resulted from this wonderful experiment in proportionality was a 21-year-old mahogany scotch with a beautifully balanced palate.

On the nose, the Bowmore Master’s Selection is sweet and nutty with notes of Manuka honey, maple syrup, praline, and grilled hazelnuts. Its taste is rich and elegant, combining sherry with Islay peat, followed by bitter dark chocolate with notes of vanilla, coffee beans, and a touch of papaya. The finish is sweet, spicy, and warm, with notes of oak spices, chestnut cream, and a hint of coconut. The Bowmore Master’s Selection is available worldwide later this month for $300.

Purchase: $300

Photo: Bowmore & Aston Martin