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Barrell Bourbon’s Latest Batch 033 Blends High-Rye and High-Corn Casks

Founded back in 2013, Barrell Bourbon has soared on its philosophy of blending age-old traditions with creative innovation. While purists at heart, Barrell also recognizes the need to extend outward in an industry that prides itself on local provenance. Each year, the Kentucky-based distillery releases several small-batch straight bourbon whiskeys from globally-sourced ingredients, typically blending moonshines distilled and aged across two or more states.

For its latest release, Barrell has unveiled Batch 033, a straight bourbon that combines 5-, 6-, 7-, and 9-year-old American white oak barrels that have been aged and distilled in either Kentucky, Tennessee, or Indiana. The batch is also a marriage of whiskeys of both high-rye and high-corn mashbills, which mingled for two months before the balance was tailored and it was bottled in Kentucky.

Just like all of Barrell’s releases, Batch 033 is bottled at cask strength, which means it’s not diluted or proofed down with water, nor is it given any sort of flavoring outside of the mashbill and the barrels themselves. At 116.6 proof (58.3% ABV), this bourbon whiskey exudes a complex profile evoked by both mashbills, combining for myriad aromas such as pear, jasmine, peppermint, and mesquite on the nose, leading into a palate of champagne, applesauce, allspice, anise, and juniper. It finishes with a high-proof heat that gives way to nuances of elderflower and lime peel. You can also splash some water into this bourbon for a unique drinking experience.

If you want to try the latest offering from one of the best bourbon-makers in the country, pick up Barrell Bourbon’s new Batch 033 for $85 from its online store or select retailers.

Purchase: $85