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Yamazaki’s Limited Selection Celebrates Nearly 100 Years of Japanese Whisky

For decades, Japanese whisky has been a closely guarded secret by whisky enthusiasts worldwide. However, in recent years, labels such as Yamazaki and Hibiki have garnered global recognition, especially following the acquisition of Beam Inc. by Japanese spirits giant Suntory back in 2014.

Today, Suntory has released the 2022 Yamazaki Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection, a series of four bottles, together celebrating nearly 100 years of whisky-making in the brand’s namesake distillery, where the spirit was learned and crafted in Japan for the first time, and without the luxury of any contemporaries. Yamazaki Single Malt was launched back in 1984 and has been a favorite ever since. Each of these four bottles hits a different mark of the Yamazaki identity.

The Puncheon is comprised of single malts aged in American oak barrels, which are perfect for drawing out certain complexities in the spirit, including butterscotch, oak, and vanilla on the palate. The Peated Malt whisky is much earthier by contrast, with peat’s signature smokiness imbued into the liquid. Peated whiskies are one of Yamazaki’s calling cards. Matured in quality casks from Northern Spain, the Spanish Oak bottles have been imparted with dried fruit notes for the nose and palate. And finally, the Mizunara whisky has been long-matured in the eponymous Japanese oak barrels for a rich profile consisting of cinnamon spice and deep notes of Japanese incense.

Yamazaki’s Limited Edition Tsukuriwake Selection was originally released in Japan two years ago but will be available for the first time globally next month from select retailers. The Puncheon, Peated Malt, and Spanish Oak have a suggested retail price of $450, while the Mizunara is priced at $620.

Purchase: $450+