Team Veloqx Unveils a Hypercar-Class Le Mans Racer for the 2025 Season

Photos: Team Veloqx | Sam Li

Following a successful 2004 season of racing in the Le Mans Endurance Series with the Audi Sport UK Team, Team Veloqx — and its founder Sam Li — has announced its return to the high-profile endurance event with an all-new, ultra-high-performance hypercar known simply as the Veloqx Fangio.

Taking its name from the four-time F1 champion and driving legend, Juan Manuel Fangio, the new Le Mans-aimed hypercar is based on a late-model V-12-engined Ferrari, though very little of the Prancing Horse donor remains intact. The “El Maestro” tribute comes cloaked in a sleek, fully-bespoke set of carbon fiber bodywork with an ultra-low-drag-coefficient. Features like an integrated rear wing and stunning high-exiting Pagani-style quad exhaust setup give the Fangio a decidedly futuristic and unique appearance.

Powering the car is a zero-emissions combustion engine that utilizes a myriad of biofuels such as green hydrogen to feed the engine, and is capable of running off of several different eco-friendly fuel options. And while there’s still a considerable amount of work to do, Li has given his team several years to allow for further development prior to the Fangio seeing actual competition.

After a roughly 20-year hiatus, Li — who was just 28 when he last bowed out of motorsport competition to focus on his real-estate empire in 2004 — plans on returning to racing, more specifically the Hypercar Class at Le Mans, where the Fangio will go wheel-to-wheel with some of the fastest and most state-of-the-art racecars in existence. Keep an eye out for the Veloqx Fangio LM Hypercar to make its competition debut beginning in the 2025 season — at least if all goes according to plan.

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Photo: Team Veloqx | Sam Li
Photo: Team Veloqx | Sam Li
Photo: Team Veloqx | Sam Li