Tekto’s Romeo Tactical Folding Knife Is Made from M390 Super Steel

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When Tekto first stepped foot into the realm of slim knives a while back with the debut of the Juliett, the Maine-based outfit knew its new folding blade was just the tip of the iceberg. Now unveiling the next tier of its relatively fresh tanto line, Tekto adds an amazingly lightweight and sturdy option at a surprisingly affordable price.

An upgrade on the Juliett, the Tekto Romeo employs M390 steel, which has become quite popular in recent years for its edge retention and corrosion resistance. With a hardness of 60 HRC, this super steel not only lessens the energy it takes to sharpen the blade but allows you to go longer without needing to sharpen it, which in turn makes the blade last much longer. Fully opened, the knife measures just over 7″, with 3.3 of those inches coming from the blade itself.

Able to withstand great pressure without flexing or breaking, the Romeo’s handle is built from rigid carbon fiber, allowing for a much lighter carry in your pocket at just under one-tenth of a pound, made even more durable thanks to its titanium screws. Not only does the handle material give you a great blade-to-weight ratio, but its reflective nature gives the Romeo an appealing aesthetic.

Equipped with a beautiful blue titanium clip for your pocket and a liner lock, this American tanto blade is the easiest option when deciding amongst all the slim knives out on the market. The standard retail for the Romeo knife is $120, but HICONSUMPTION readers can get the knife from Tekto’s online store for 15% off with our exclusive coupon code: HiC15.

Purchase: $102

Photo: Tekto