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Field Recording Is Easy with Teenage Engineering’s TP-7

Teenage Engineering TP 7 0 Hero
Photos: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering has been on fire this year; it hasn’t even been a month since the release of the CM-15, a powerful and portable condenser mic. And the Swedish company is further proving itself to be a (high-end) darling in the industry, especially for creators on the go, with its new release: the TP-7 field recorder. The history of field recording dates back to the phonograph, and since then, creatives ranging from musicians to journalists have turned it into art. Some of the most famous examples come from nature recordings and sound design in media. This process typically involves recording ambient audio outside of a professional environment, and has since been expanded to include casual recordings of musicians as well. Teenage Engineering’s TP-7 is honoring this cherished tradition with its portable versatility.

Teenage Engineering TP 7 1
Photo: Teenage Engineering

Although it’s not analog equipment, the TP-7 nods to the past with a motorized tape reel on the front – harkening back to the days of cassettes and reel-to-reel. It’s used to virtually capture audio through the internal mic (or whatever you input) and navigate through the device’s recording options while providing inspired visual feedback. Three stereo input/output jacks and a USB-c port are found on the top so users can mix and match the rest of TE’s gadgets, along with other audio equipment choices. The 128GB storage and 7 hours of battery life help preserve all your recordings, especially if external storage isn’t immediately accessible.

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Photo: Teenage Engineering

One of the most remarkable features built into the recorder is the iOS-compatible transcription software. Users can effortlessly transcribe audio onto their phones via Bluetooth or USB connection by downloading the accompanying app. Whether it’s for a rough song idea or an important interview, the TP-7 has got you covered.

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Photo: Teenage Engineering

The TP-7 field recorder from Teenage Engineering is coming this summer for $1,499, with information on the website.