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Sony Expands to Your Desktop with Its INZONE Computer Gaming Line

We all know how hard it is to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, and much of that is a testament to the refined art detail that Sony puts into the realm of gaming. Well, now it’s looking to double down on its prowess upon unveiling INZONE, a new gaming gear brand aimed not at console users but PC gamers.

INZONE’s first array of products is composed of two 27″ monitors and three pairs of headphones. Starting with the incredibly powerful displays, the INZONE M3 and M9 differ a bit in quality, as the 4K-compatible M9 offers features like Full Array Local Dimming to provide a high-contrast playing experience. On the other hand, the full-HD M3 boasts a much higher refresh rate of 240Hz compared to 144Hz. All in all, these are two products aimed at bettering different aspects of gameplay.

Next, the INZONE H3, H5, and H7 gaming headphones each feature personalized 360 spatial audio, but the H9 is the only one that offers noise-canceling. Other differences between the online-centric trio are that the H3 is wired, while the H5 and 57 are fully wireless. Lastly, as far as battery life goes, details regarding the H3 are sparse, but the H7 offers a whopping 40 hours, whereas the H9 grants up to 20 hours when utilizing the noise-canceling feature and up to 32 hours when inactive.

From a design standpoint, each of the new products is remarkably sleek, which shouldn’t come as a surprise after seeing the futuristic cues implemented into the PS5. While the monitors are not available for pre-order yet, they are slated to release this summer and range in price between $530 and $900. In the meantime, each of the INZONE gaming headphones is available for pre-order today, starting from $98.

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