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The Polymega App Provides Cloud-Based Retro Gaming for Free

Polymega App 0 Hero
Photo: Polymega | Playmaji

There are many gamers who would pass up on the latest, greatest consoles to spend hours playing the videogames they grew up on in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and even ‘00s. Retro gaming not only provides a nostalgic trip for the user but is significantly more affordable than shelling out hundreds of dollars on new consoles, games, and subscriptions. While illicit PC-based emulators can be accessed for free on your computer, the software and games themselves can often be littered with bugs and inconsistencies.

Polymega App 1
Photo: Polymega | Playmaji

In 2021, developer Playmaji launched the Polymega console, a hardware device that lets you rip your old disc-based games onto its hard drive, while cartridge games could be uploaded via special add-ons. However, the only problem was the eyebrow-raising introductory price. Now, the company has launched a new, cloud-based application that precludes the need for the console altogether — and it’s free!

Polymega App 2
Photo: Polymega | Playmaji

The Polymega app allows you to upload your games onto its cloud server, where you can play them across virtually any device and even save your progress. There’s also a subscription-based tier, Polymega XL, that will include access to cheat codes, patches, and other features. 

Polymega App 3
Photo: Polymega | Playmaji

With the introduction of the Polymega app comes a new version of the brand’s wireless controller and new hardware called Polymega Remix for those who don’t have a way to upload discs and cartridges. The unit will be priced at $150 and the Polymega app will begin its closed beta testing stage next month.