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MicroOLED’s Light AR Platform Connects Your Apple Watch to Smart Glasses

Following last week’s reveal of the Apple Watch Ultra, the manufacturer proved that innovation in the world of sports fitness knows no bounds. Now, in an attempt to advance this notion even further, French tech company MicroOLED has developed a platform that brings all the tracking capabilities and smart connectivity of a smartwatch to a pair of glasses.

Light AR allows users to connect their Apple Watch to the ActiveLook platform, a state-of-the-art technology implemented into several smart performance glasses to serve as a visible HUD for your movements. Moreover, it connects your watch to the platform via Bluetooth, allowing you to customize a trio of different interfaces composed of various stats.

This allows Apple Watch owners to maximize their workout by seeing their progress in real-time, rather than stopping mid-run and reading the data on their wrist. MicroOLED claims that this innovative platform will make the most of the ActiveLook experience. Plus, thanks to its customizable organization, you can have the display show your heart rate, running pace, and more. Further, ActiveLook-compatible smart glasses from brands like ENGO and Julbo will operate with the app seamlessly.

It’s remarkable to see such a future-forward form of innovation showcased through MicroOLED’s entire catalog. The Light AR platform is accessible through the ActiveLook app, and you can find some compatible glasses on its website.

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Photo: ActiveLook