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Logitech G Unveils an Ultra-Cutting-Edge Sim Racing Steering Wheel & Pedal Set

Over the last decade, racing simulation software and hardware have made tremendous strides, now being so realistic and lifelike that many of today’s most elite drivers utilize racing sims in lieu of behind-the-wheel training. And while most of today’s best and most state-of-the-art racing sim rigs tend to be prohibitively expensive, several technological advancements have now allowed for ultra-lifelike performance to be achieved on more affordable, mass-produced pieces of hardware. Case in point, the all-new PRO-spec racing steering wheel and pedal set from Swiss-American outfit Logitech G.

Starting with the PRO Racing Pedals, Logitech G has delivered a cutting-edge piece of hardware that offers professional-grade levels of performance and feedback. The pedal set boasts a modular design with customizable and adjustable pedals with swappable springs, plus uses a Load Cell brake that utilizes pressure detection in order to precisely register the amount of force being applied. Compatible with Xbox, Playstation, and PC, the pedal set also features state-of-the-art contactless hall effect sensors.

Even more impressive is the Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel. Developed with help from several professional sim drivers, the PRO Racing Wheel is even more cutting-edge, boasting an even more generous slew of tech and proprietary features. At the heart of this piece of sim racing hardware is a direct drive motor with an ultra-low-latency response time that packs 8.11ft-lbs of force. The PRO Racing Wheel also benefits from Logitech G’s own TRUEFORCE feedback, which delivers vibration, pressure, and other lifelike tactile feedback. On top of a “thumbsweep” button layout and an integrated LED RPM display, the steering wheel has also been bestowed with dual-clutch paddles with magnetic paddle shifters. The entire steering wheel has also been set atop a newly-redesigned mount with a quick-release function. What’s more, like the pedal set, this steering wheel also works with Xbox, Playstation, and PC.

The Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals and PRO Racing Wheel are both available now, with pricing set at $350 and $1,000, respectively.

Purchase: $350+

Photo: Logitech G