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Insta360’s Link Is a 4K Webcam Powered by A.I. for Enhanced Accuracy

Finding the perfect webcam is difficult, and that’s the case whether you’re working from home or streaming on Twitch. Luckily enough, Insta360 has just released the A.I.-powered, 4K-capable Link, which is as close to perfect as it gets

The Link features a best-in-class 0.5” sensor that steamrolls the competition by a good amount of centimeters, allowing the webcam to operate exceedingly well in darker settings compared to the market’s lesser options. On top of that, its automated HDR mode paves the way for an optimized balance of highlights and shadows, so there’s no need to worry about the glare from your window simply because that’s where your workstation is. This A.I.-powered device is brought to life by its operating 3-axis gimbal, which is a unique design that allows the Link to follow every move you make no matter how far you are from the camera.

As a result of its futuristic tech, Insta360’s new webcam is a great choice for making presentations in a work meeting or for YouTube content creators. Another unique feature is the whiteboard mode, which is ideal for remote teaching. This allows lecturers to focus on a key area of the board without sacrificing crystal-clear quality. Lastly, its portrait mode is perfect for ensuring image quality for mobile content, as it records all footage in an uncrossed 9:16 ratio.

If you need to upgrade your current webcam, this is the biggest one you’ll be able to make. Insta360’s Link webcam is available on its web shop, starting from $300.

Purchase: $300+

Photo: Insta360