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Insta360 Gets Assistance from Leica on Its ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition

Whether you’re a day-to-day vlogger or just love capturing your adventures, action cameras have become an integral gadget in many people’s lives. As a result, Insta360 is looking to up the ante by a wide margin, manufacturing a next-level take on its very own flagship cam, which was already one of the market’s finest.

The ONE RS 1-Inch Edition serves as an upgrade version of Insta360’s impressive ONE RS action camera, but what separates the two is that this new addition comes courtesy of a collaboration with Leica. The powerful piece of equipment’s 1-inch Wide Angle Lens was co-engineered by the iconic camera manufacturer, bringing some serious prestige to the action cam space. This unique lens tech boasts dual 1-inch sensors — “the largest of any action camera” — allowing for unparalleled image quality and excellent low-light performance. That covers the “1-Inch” portion of the name, while the “360 Edition” moniker is represented by the cam’s 360-degree 6K video capturing.

The 360-degree video-recording capabilities result in an unrivaled recording and viewing experience, allowing you to relive every moment of your adventure from practically any angle. Compared to the base version of the ONE RS, this Leica joint effort boasts additional revamped features like invisible selfie stick tech, which allows you to take a snapshot using a selfie stick and magically make it disappear in the actual photo. Seeing as this is the world’s first 360-degree camera attached to Leica’s name, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that both brands went all out for the occasion.

If you’re looking to capture every moment this summer, then this is a great choice for you. Insta360’s impressively powerful and IPX3-rated water-resistant ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition action camera is available now for $800.

Purchase: $800

Photo: Insta360
Photo: Insta360