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IKEA’s IP65-Rated VAPPEBY Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Offers 360-Degree Sound

Visiting IKEA and leaving empty-handed is virtually impossible, and the Swedish furnishing giant‘s newest release will only make doing so even more difficult. Its new VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp fuses high-quality sound with te manufacturer’s trademark penchant for minimalist Scandinavian design.

Measuring at 10″ tall and 7″ in diameter, the unique gadget is far more than meets the eye. The VAPPEBY’s intimate built-in LED bulb offers a pair of lighting options and provides a great touch to any room without requiring a lengthy instruction manual to construct, as we’re often used to seeing from IKEA. In addition to serving as a great lighting addition to any living room or bedside table, it boasts 360-degree sound, 12-hour battery life, and an IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, deeming it a noteworthy, durable speaker in its own right — with or without the lamp functionality.

No matter where you plan on listening to your favorite albums or podcasts, the VAPPEBY is easy to carry around the house thanks to its convenient handle, whether you’re tending to your garden or entertaining guests in a dimly-lit backyard. Streaming is made simple thanks to the speaker’s unique Spotify Tap function, which curates a playlist tailored toward your taste in music. And if you don’t like the song suggestions, just keep tapping away until a suitable recommendation comes along.

IKEA is well aware of just how essential music is when it comes to brightening up our daily lives, and a touch of light never hurt anyone either. The VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker is currently available on IKEA’s website in either blue or silver for $65.

Purchase: $65

Photo: IKEA