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This Innovative Mechanical Keyboard Transforms Into a Gaming Controller

Grab Shell Wearable Gaming Keyboard 0 Hero
Photo: Grab Shell

When it comes to buying a new keyboard, versatility is one of several things to account for. Sure, most manufacturers in the space claim to provide this, and many of them fulfill their guarantee, but the eye-catching new Grab Shell aims to take it to a whole other level.

Grab Shell Wearable Gaming Keyboard 1
Photo: Grab Shell

Weighing in a rather hefty 950g, the gaming keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX1A Switches and ABS keycaps, giving them a soft touch for comfortable typing and no unwanted noise. But, somehow, the keys aren’t the most important part of this keyboard, as it comes with a built-in joystick and scroll wheel to make gaming and browsing more effortless than ever. And while its keycaps may be composed of a pretty ideal material, it’s safe to assume users will engage in a bit of a learning curve with this foldable piece of tech; nonetheless, it’ll probably be worth it.

Grab Shell Wearable Gaming Keyboard 2
Photo: Grab Shell

While we’ve come across several other handheld takes on the desktop essential, this striking design is about as adjustable and functional as it gets. The difference is most other options are usually equipped with smaller layouts. In contrast, the Grab Shell practically serves as your traditional keyboard, all the while offering a full-on QWERTY layout similar to the one you already have on your laptop, making the transition somewhat smooth on that end.

Grab Shell Wearable Gaming Keyboard 3
Photo: Grab Shell

The Grab Shell is available to pre-order now for $300, which is $100 off its original $400 asking price.