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GENKI’s Waveform Earphones Allow You to Stream from Two Devices at Once

State-of-the-art earphones are hard to come by nowadays, as every brand manages to mirror the next in some way, shape, form, or, above all else, sound. Looking to throw the market for a loop, however, is GENKI, a humble start-up that is best described as, “by gamers, for gamers.” The brand’s latest reveal is its Waveform Earphone, which seeks to elevate your playing experience or simple day-to-day work routine in an innovative fashion by allowing you to connect and stream from two sources simultaneously.

While many of us have grown accustomed to Apple’s seamless iCloud connectivity, accepting calls from a desktop while our earphones are connected to a phone can grow extremely tedious. Looking to harp on that, GENKI states that no other earphones grant users the ability to connect and listen to two devices simultaneously, making its Waveform earphones a unique choice. These are ideal whether you’re looking to focus on Elden Ring and your Zoom call at once or listen to some music mid-online lecture.

As far as sound is concerned, these buds are impressive in their own right, boasting a 10mm neodymium driver and an armature driver, coming together to reproduce deep bass and a distortion-free soundstage, deeming it the ideal pair for immersive gaming. The noise-canceling Waveforms also feature Qualcomm cVc 8.0 chip, providing top-notch vocal clarity if you find yourself in a web meeting.

If you’re tired of picking up the same old earbuds day after day, then these are as new as it gets right down to their newly-implemented tech. The GENKI Waveform Earphones are currently available through Kickstarter, where they’ve managed to smash their fundraising goal by well over $250,000. They can be yours starting from $199.

Kickstarter: $199+

Photo: GENKI