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Focal and Naim Celebrate 10 Years Together with Their New Audio System

Think of the merger between audio giants Focal and Naim to be on the same level as the most iconic music collabs. On the more lifestyle level you have the French-based Focal, a company known for delivering hi-fi speakers, car audio systems, soundbars, and headphones. The British Naim, on the other hand, has established itself more granularly as a high-end manufacturer of amplifiers and preamps. Two sides of the same coin, yet each specializing in different aspects of the user experience. Ten years ago they partnered together and now they’re releasing a special edition audio system to celebrate the occasion.

It’s impossible not to notice the unique finish of the Sopra N°2 loudspeakers — the marquee pieces of the seven-piece Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition — which stand nearly 4′ tall and express a crafty waved architecture with a metallic concrete finish on the sides and a tin color on the front. However, what’s under the hood is just as impressive.

The three-way, bass-reflex floorstanding fixtures balance economic size with high-quality sound, displaying the impressive density and control for which Focal has become known. The backwave absorption and frequency precision allow this system to be ideal for rooms both big and small. The other pieces consist of a pair of Naim’s standards-setting preamps, dual power supplies, and a wireless streaming device that connects to Spotify and Apple Music, among others. Through built-in Chromecast, it also pairs with your personal device via bluetooth connectivity, sporting a 5-inch color screen that displays album artwork on the front.

Capable of plugging into and enhancing your home audio setup, this new system will give you the best quality sound you can find out there. The ultimate high-end stereo system, the Focal Naim 10th Anniversary Edition will be available this May for $48,000 and will come equipped with all the connecting cables you will need.

Purchase: $48,000