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Fellow’s Tally Pro Precision Scale Delivers Perfect Pour-Over Coffee

Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale Studio Edition 0 Hero
Photos: Fellow

Coffee has a long and storied past and is held near and dear to many people’s hearts. Whether you’re a drip fiend that pounds twelve cups of lukewarm joe every day, or a precise barista doing latte art and using high-end machines, if you’re a coffee fanatic, then your love runs deep. And the process of making coffee can be (and usually is) a personal experience for many, especially these days with all the gizmos and gadgets explicitly made for accurate and consistent coffee. This process has become a popular hobby over the last decade, and one brand, Fellow, is making gear for coffee enthusiasts that provide the perfect cup of coffee with precision. And they’ve just released the Tally Pro Precision Scale Studio Edition, a coffee scale that measures the perfect amount of beans for pour-over setups.

Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale Studio Edition 1
Photo: Fellow

Pour-over coffee is sort of like the final level of coffee making among enthusiasts, which is why this scale will appeal to those who prefer control during every step of the brewing process. The Tally Pro Precision Scale comes with three modes displayed on the OLED screen, starting with the Brew Assist Mode, a feature that takes your coffee-to-water ratio and provides the exact weight of beans needed. The Timer Mode displays a timer next to the weight of your beans for precise measurements, and the Weight Mode allows you to weigh things other than coffee in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters.

Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale Studio Edition 2
Photo: Fellow

The scale also has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 13 hours with continuous use, but around 1-2 months for most people as it won’t always be on. As for the maximum weight it can handle, you’re looking at 5.5 pounds before you start to damage the scale. Additionally, the pan can be easily removed for cleaning.

Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale Studio Edition 3
Photo: Fellow

The Tally Pro Precision Scale Studio Edition from Fellow is available now for $185.