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Dyson’s Zone Air Purifying Headphones Took Over 5 Years to Finalize

Hospitals aside, the thought of wearing something on your face to prevent breathing low-quality air was often scoffed at three years ago. Nowadays, however, it is practically second nature, and Dyson is as aware of this as anyone. Following years of manufacturing standard-setting air purifiers for your home, the appliance giant looks to provide the same cleanliness with a pair of head-turning… headphones?

The now-Singapore-based household name has been in the process of crafting these unique over-ears for over half a decade, having kicked things off in 2016 — so no one can accuse them of jumping on the pandemic face mask bandwagon. Officially called the Dyson Zone, these hi-fi noise-canceling headphones live up to the modern sonic standard and adhere to health guidelines, too. Through six years and a whopping 500 prototypes, the final product looks to provide comfort and state-of-the-art safety, courtesy of its adapting ear cushions and Dyson’s filtration knowledge.

Now, you’re surely wondering, how on earth do these things work? Well, each ear cup boasts individual compressors, capable of taking in air through dual-layer filters and ultimately pushing purified air into the mouth and nasal region. Whether you live in a metropolitan hub like New York or L.A. or get to bask in the countryside’s serenity, there’s simply no telling what is going on in the air we breathe, deeming this bewildering reveal from Dyson useful at the very least. Just think of tossing this on during your next flight, rather than fiddling around with an N95 and your regular headphones. We can actually see the appeal of this strange combo.

While you may have already convinced yourself this is a mere concept and will in no way, shape, or form be available anytime soon, think again. The Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones will be available in this year’s third quarter exclusively through Dyson. Pricing information has not been brought to light yet, but it seems as though we won’t have to wait very long to find out.

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Photo: Dyson
Photo: Dyson