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DJI Utilized Their Drone Tech in Their Professional-Grade Ronin 4D Camera

Like any tech-based market, the camera space is an ever-evolving arena with groundbreaking innovation taking place on an almost daily basis. In order for a camera to truly stand out as one of the best, it has to make an impact. Using that ethos as its guiding light, DJI created a technological marvel of a video camera in the Ronin 4D.

Though DJI has a well-known reputation for making drones, the China-based company is staking its claim in the professional cinematography space with a full-frame gimbal camera that’s capable of capturing 8K footage at 75 fps. The camera sports a compact, modular build to streamline the time-consuming setup process that plagues many professional-caliber cameras. What’s more, the folks at DJI outfitted the Ronin 4D with their drone stabilization technology, resulting in a 4-axis stabilization system, hence the 4D. This stabilization system significantly decreases shake and gives the camera operator stability that is on par with that of a dolly. Powering this beast of a camera is DJI’s Zenmuse X9 full-frame camera and a CineCore 3.0 processing system, allowing videographers to shoot detailed footage in the brightest and darkest environments. The Zenmuse X9 is particularly useful for complex lighting transitions as it has a dynamic range with over 14 stops. Another welcomed feature is the upgraded focusing tech, particularly the LiDAR Focusing system and Automated Manual Focus (AMF) mode. AMF hybridizes automatic focus and manual focus and rotates the focus wheel while tracking the focus point in real-time. This mode greatly increases the usability of the Ronin 4D as the camera can even autofocus manual lenses, allowing someone with little to no experience operating cameras to use the Ronin 4D with precision.

The Ronin 4D also features DJI O3 Pro Video Transmission, which allows you to watch a real-time feed of the footage in 1080p/60 fps at an incredible range up to 20,000 feet. Clearly, a camera this sophisticated is suited for professional use, as it comes in a 6K or 8K version and starts at $7,199. The Ronin 4D is available in December but can be reserved on DJI’s website.

Purchase: $7,199+

Photo: DJI
Photo: DJI