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Canon’s PowerShot V10 is Purpose-Built for Vlogging

Canon PowerShot V10 Camera 0 Hero
Photos: Canon

Do you remember the early days of portable, vlog-friendly cameras like the Go-Pro? This era marked the rise of personal content creators and adventurers. It also ushered in an age of crazy extreme sports footage from angles previously unavailable (or at least hard to reach). With the advent of smartphones and their rapidly improving camera technology, demand for the vlog cameras of the past may have waned. But the popularity of social media, particularly slice-of-life content, and the desire for quick and easy footage certainly haven’t. In comes Canon with the PowerShot V10, a camera made with vlogging in mind in a modest size.

Canon PowerShot V10 Camera 1
Photo: Canon

Inspired by the label’s flagship compact cameras in the G-series, the V10 is a compact camera with a 1-inch 4K CMOS sensor and a fixed 19mm wide-angle lens, which captures incredible footage, especially in low-light conditions. With a wider lens than most smartphones, this makes for an exciting alternative – coupled with the small form factor that makes transport and usage easy. This ease of use is complemented by intuitive software and a single dedicated recording button. Two stereo mics are found on top to capture sound without fussing over additional equipment.

Canon PowerShot V10 Camera 2
Photo: Canon

Additionally, the PowerShot V10 has a built-in stand capable of leaning 30 degrees forward and backward, but it’s also compatible with traditional tripods. A variety of filters and connectivity options are also built-in – it comes ready to go with the Canon Camera Connect app, available through WiFi or Bluetooth connection. This is not only great for quickly uploading and editing photos and videos, but also for remotely controlling the camera – an invaluable feature for content like live streaming. As for other connections, UVC and HDMI support is also built into the camera.

Canon PowerShot V10 Camera 3
Photo: Canon

You can pre-order the Canon PowerShot V10 for $430 through the website; shipping is expected to begin over the next month.