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Canon Releases a Full-Frame Camera That’s Capable of Shooting 8K Video

Mirrorless cameras are the de facto winner in the ongoing debate against DSLR cameras for superiority. Their compact and lightweight builds allow them to be transported better than their mirrored counterparts, and the emergence of hybridized cameras has further cemented their superiority. Due to their popularity and prevalence, these hybrid cameras are becoming the go-to choice for filmmakers, journalists, and even amateur photographers, as their video capabilities are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And Canon has taken this accessibility and innovation one step further with the release of its EOS R5 C camera.

Aside from its ability to shoot pristine still images as well as high-quality video footage, the EOS R5 C hybridizes the video capabilities of the Cinema EOS line and the still-imaging capabilities of the EOS R5 camera. In particular, the standout feature of the R5 C is its ability to shoot 8K video at 60fps. This stalwart feature comes courtesy of the 45-megapixel, full-frame, CMOS imaging sensor that powers the camera.

The camera’s 8K sensor works in tandem with the DIGIC X processor to create professional-quality RAW video footage that you would normally find in far more expensive cameras. To put that into perspective, this processor allows users to record footage that’s 16 times sharper than full HD recording. Even better, the DIGIC X processor allows for 4K and 2K oversampling so you can retain the quality of 8K video without the noise and false colors that you would normally get when lowering the resolution to 4K and 2K.

Other great additions the R5 C boasts are the internal cooling fan that Canon integrated into it — which enables greater recording time without the risk of interruptions due to overheating — and an ergonomic grip for better handling. The Canon EOS R5 C camera retails for $4,499 and is available for preorder on Canon’s website.

Purchase: $4,499